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Our Story

While the concept for Meg & Milo has long been a dream, it was finally born in the United Kingdom in 2020. It was the product of so many late night chats and hopes between two best friends separated by thousands of miles. After experiencing so much loss, and in hopes of bringing some happiness back into the world, Rebecca and her sister Nicola launched Meg & Milo. I knew I would follow shortly after, bringing some of the brands that I so dearly love (and a few more) to a site based in the US. 

When Milo was born, I struggled to find clothing that would last more than a few washes without fading, shrinking, or falling apart. It had been 10 years since Dill was a baby and I felt so out of the loop! I started to research sustainable, organic and eco friendly children's brands. I wanted great quality and I wanted fun prints! I was lucky enough to stumble across some fantastic brands that opened the door to so many more. These brands have been a constant in Milo’s little closet from the very beginning. As best friends do, I dragged Rebecca down this rabbit hole with me, and we were forever in search of different and new brands for Meg, Milo, and even Dill. 

It’s truly a privilege to  present some of these brands to you. These are all pieces I absolutely love, brought to you with customer service at the forefront. 

I appreciate all of the support and I sincerely thank each and every one of you.